If they could trick me…

Email sent from cPanel to author
  • I do use cPanel for email
  • It is sent to the correct address that would be taking care of this issue and which I use…

Showing how I turn a 4 figure into a 5 or 6 figure per month business.

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Photo Taken And Posed By Author

It is a time-bomb waiting to happen.

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Stop. Think. Analyze.

Life passes us by without really examining why things happen. However, the psychology of influence and persuasion rules our lives. Right from simple situations like making decisions at home, to finally deciding to purchase a new item. You will find it almost impossible to avoid the power of persuasion and influence.

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Purpose Of SEO Guide

The purpose of this article is NOT to teach you everything that there is to know about SEO, but to show you an example of how you can take a few easy steps in order to get traffic from the search engines…

Split testing is about giving your customer the perfect journey
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CRO And Its Meaning

CRO means Conversion Rate Optimization and is the term that is used by conversion rate experts to describe the process of making changes so that you can increase your sales conversions.

How To DO A Simple A/B Test

I think that this is possibly the biggest roadblock for most people:

Laptop showing the analytics of a website with various graphs.
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Ben Shaffer

Happily married father of 4 and also an entrepreneur.

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